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Valve solutions for Pulp & Paper

A pulp & paper plant has a number of process applications that cannot only be very dangerous due to high pressures and temperatures or corrosive chemicals but also potential leaks and spills can also be very hazardous to the environment.


Big Taps Valve Consultants has an extensive range of valve products from which to select the right valve for the application

Solutions with:-

  • Ball valves:
  • Double block & bleed Valves:
  • Instrument Valves:
  • Level gauges:
  • Check valves:
  • High Delta P Control valves
  • Bellows sealed valves
  • Plug Valves
  • HP steam valves
  • Special alloy valves
  • Strainers



Working with a pulp and paper mill they were concerned about how many steam leaks they had from the glands of the various types of valves around the plant and how much this was costing them in both steam loss, maintenance and valve packing material. Over a period of time we identified the leaks and were able to estimate what the cost was in lost energy.

After presenting our findings, we recommended that they should replace the most critical valves with bellows sealed design eliminating any potential leaks to atmosphere. We were able to prove that whilst these valves were two to three times more expensive than the ones installed the pay back due to no energy loss would be less than 1 year and after that the savings would be pure profit.