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Valve solutions for Power Generation

A power plant that needs to run 7 days per week, 365 days per year downtime for repair or replacement of valves outside of outages is not an option.


Product reliability is key, which is why Big Taps Valve Consultants only deal with manufacturers that have been supplying valves to the global power industry for many years

Solutions with:-

  • High pressure / temperature, zero leakage Ball valves:
  • Instrument Valves:
  • Level gauges:
  • Testable Check valves:
  • Control valves , Desuper heaters, PRDS, high Delta P
  • HP steam valves



Damage to high pressure steam turbines in power stations and cogeneration plants from water carry over from the preheater due to loss of turbine loads is not only expensive but can also disrupt power supply to communities or other parts of a plant. Bonettiā€™s range of testable check valves prevent this by incorporating a specially designed actuator and spring which overrides the frictional forces of the packing and pivot bearings to allow the valve to close much quicker in emergency condition than it would do normally