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Our Partners

Big Taps Valve Consultants are the Sole Australasian agent for the following quality brands:




Abacus Valves International – Check valves

Wafer style dual plate check valves for use where prevention of reverse flow is critical. Available in pressure up to Class 2500 and all materiaThrough many years of experience and specialisation, Abacus Valves have developed one of the most comprehensive range of wafer valves available in an extensive range of materials. Abacus Valves operates with a fully integrated 3D CAD, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software package. In addition, we are able to utilise the same skills and experience to undertake design and manufacturing projects, allowing us to cater for you special needs.

Big Taps custom Knife Gate Valves

Big Taps can design and manufacture severe service knife gate valves to your specification. Suitable for erosive and / or corrosive slurry applications in the mining, petrochemical or pulp & paper industries, the valves are available in bonnet-less, enclosed bonnet or through conduit designs.

The valves can be manufactured in a variety of materials to suit the media including carbon steels, high Cr 347H, stainless steel 316 & 304, 316 Urea grade, 904L, duplex & super duplex, hastelloy B2, B3 or C276, titanium Grade 2, 3, 5, 7, 11 & 12, tungsten carbide, ceramics, inconel, monel etc. The valves are available in pressure ratings from ANSI class 150# to class 600#

Cesare Bonetti – HP steam valves & level gauges

Bonetti High pressure level gauges & valves suitable for saturated and superheated steam in power generation and cogeneration in pulp and paperCesare Bonetti S.p.A. manufactures high performance valves and liquid level indicators to meet exacting requirements in fluid pressure and temperature handling applications. Cesare Bonetti S.p.A. has a business philosophy that has evolved over their 100 year history and has become their most important priority: "To always satisfy our Customers needs to the very best of our ability".

OSV Valves – Plug valves

Double block and bleed valves for use were critical isolation is required or when cross contamination of products in applications such as tank fOSV Valves was first established in 1980 as a custom valve manufacture growing to obtain ISO 9001 certification, DNV certification, ISO 14000 certification and API certification (Q1, TS 29001, 6D).  They are a unique supplier of a diverse range of valves manufactured in bespoke materials to suit difficult applications.

Pruss GmbH

Based in Hannover, Germany Pruss is a specialist manufacturer of customized Control Valves since 1889. In the hard fought business of control valves, they have found their niche in manufacturing custom build solutions. Through optimal organized processes, perfect teamwork and a state of the art machinery park in their company, they are able to fulfil every requirement and special demands their customers have. While doing so they also pride ourselves in extreme fast response and delivery times.

ICL Valves – Cast gate, globe & check valves

Stainless Steel GaTe valve BB OS&Y Flexible(or Solid) Wedge API ICL has been manufacturing specialised valves for over 20 years through unending advancements in research and development, while bringing the highest quality effort to globalize the most innovative technology and designs. Using the latest manufacturing, inspection and testing techniques ICL pride themselves in supplying high quality products that are second to none for quality and certified to the latest international standards

SchuF - flush disc and ram bottom outlet valves, lift plug, diverter and control valves.

SchuF was founded 1911 in Germany and is the inventor of flush disc and ram bottom outlet valves, the lift plug valve and various diverter and control valves.  
The SchuF Group designs and manufactures industrial valves for the chemical, petrochemical, polymer, oil, gas and offshore industry. Its valves are used to control, divert, isolate, and sample gases, liquids, slurries and powders. We are a specialist for critical service applications such as hydro cracking, gasification, liquefaction, urea production, alumina production, delayed coking and many more.   The SchuF Group manufactures in Germany, Ireland, India, Italy, UK and USA and is represented in over 60 countries worldwide.

SWI Valve – Forged, gate, globe, check, ball & instrument valves

SWI Cryogenic valves for use in the storage and transportation of liquid gases such as LNG, oxygen, nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxideSWI Valve Co Ltd (SWI) is a leading Korean industrial valves manufacturer with a substantial presence in the oil and gas industry especially in high-profile, off-shore upstream projects. SWI ensures all of the major parts and materials are sourced from within South Korea.  SWI can be trusted to provide “Reliable Performance in Extreme Conditions.

Val-Tech – Ball valves

Val-Tech Double block and bleed valves for critical isolation in gas processing plants and offshore oil and gas facilitiesVal-Tech are a passionate Italian ball valve company serving the oil, gas and chemical industries, and has with more than 150 years of industry knowledge.  Val-Tech's motto is "Treat our customer's business as we treat our own business"; this ideal allows them to strive to design, manufacture and deliver on time the best range of high quality ball valves anywhere.