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Valve solutions for Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

Whether the application is an offshore oil rig, a gas pipeline or a storage terminal the risk of a serious accident is extremely high, hence only the highest quality products and materials are requested and expected.   When dealing with Big Taps Valve Consultants there are no short cuts or compromises, simply the right product for the application.

Solutions with:-

  • Trunnion mounted ball valves
  • Double block & bleed Valves:
  • Level gauges:
  • Cryogenic Valves
  • Nozzle and Dual Plate Check valves:
  • Bellows sealed valves
  • Plug Valves
  • HP steam valves
  • Special alloy valves
  • Strainers, all types & sizes



Even with the best maintenance and inventory planning breakdowns are sometimes unavoidable, but replacement time is critical due to lost production time. When this happens with valves that are a little out of the ordinary, you require your supplier to act quickly, knowing what to look for and where. At Big Taps we partners with manufactures who can respond quickly to customers’ needs and we also have access to a large global network of valve stockists, so we can be relied upon to provide the right valve in the time frame required.