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Severe Service Valve Selection

Valve Selection, Do it ONCE, Do it Right!

If you are continuously replacing or maintaining valves in your plant, then correct Severe Service Valve Selection can save you money and gain production time. In this day and age, plants are pushed harder for longer with plant shutdowns being pushed further and further apart to maximise productivity and minimise down time. This puts extra demand on plant components such as pumps, compressors and valves to work more reliably for longer. So, when we are talking about valves, a good valve selection criterion is critical, and even more so when it comes to severe service applications.   View PDF


Bellows Sealed Valves

Solve 60% of your valve leaks with Bellows Sealed Valves

Bellows seal valves eliminate leakage to atmosphere by using a bellows cartridge on the stem, containing leaks within the valve.   Since 1955 the regulations, particularly in the USA, in relations fugitive emissions and the monitoring thereof have become stricter and stricter. Fines for non-compliance have also increased dramatically (up to US$3.5M) forcing some industries to implement proactive programs of leak detection and repair (LDAR), thus avoiding non-compliance and conforming to low emission consent decrees.    View PDF



Abacus Nozzle Check Valves

The Abacus Nozzle Check Valve range can offer great savings in actual process costs as they have optimum pressure drop and response time characteristics which outperform all other check valves.

The energy savings are due to the low-pressure drop in passing through the valve, which is key to valve selection in hi-cost processes (eg. Oil & Gas, Pump running costs etc). Primarily they are selected to protect critical equipment (eg. Pumps, compressors etc) from potentially damaging back flow conditions. The valve has excellent non-slam response characteristics as it closes very quickly without “slamming” or permitting back-flow into the critical equipment.   View PDF