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Valve solutions for Mining, Metals & Minerals

The metals and mining industry offers some of the most challenging applications for valves. High pressure, high temperature, erosive, corrosive, toxic gases, slurry or a hazardous mixed cocktail of all.


If an application is hard on valves in your plant Big Taps Valve Consultants may have a better solution.

Solutions with:-

  • Slurry Valves, grinding disc, bayonet design
  • Ball valves:
  • Instrument Valves:
  • Level gauges:
  • Check valves:
  • Control valves, including high pressure let down
  • Bellows sealed valves
  • Plug Valves
  • HP steam valves
  • Special alloy valves
  • Strainers



Many years ago I worked on a major upgrade project for a nickel refinery in Australia. Due to the need for various highly corrosive liquids required in the process the piping engineers had specified full bore ball valves in Alloy 20 material. Due to the number of valves involved this not only added considerable expense to the project but also due to the exotic material the delivery time was quite long. I was able to work with the piping engineers and process engineers representing the end user to come up with a equally acceptable solution in the form of PFA lined plug valves. The price was less than a quarter of the originally specified ball valves and the lead time was reduced by 10 weeks without compromising the process.

I could also tell you about some large diameter Alloy 31 knife gate valves we had specially designed and built for a specific application but that’s another story.