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Over the past ten years or so  we've seen huge change  in the Australasian valve industry, large global companies have swallowed up many trusted names and in the process much knowledge has gone out the window.  The person you've been dealing with for years has left taking his experience and in depth knowledge of your needs and plant with him.    I'm Iain Garvin from Big Taps, with 30 years of local valve industry, how can I help!

What we do

Oil, Gas and Petrochemical

Power Generation

Metals & Minerals

Pulp & Paper

Power Generation Valves Valves for Mining, Metals & Minerals Valves for the Pulp and Paper industry

The Specialist knowledge and experience that Big Taps provide in selecting the right valve for each application is critical in petrochemical, onshore and offshore oil and gas industries.

Big Taps offer intelligent solutions and advice on Gas pipelines, Compressor stations, LNG, Compressor antisurge, Gas to flare, Emergency shut down and High pressure let down.






Quality and reliability is vital in the high pressure, no failure environment of power generation. This is why Big Taps works with highly reputable manufacturers with many years of experience in this industry.

From high pressure superheated steam isolation to PRDS applications and testable check valves. Big Taps has the right solution for your utility & industrial boilers, heat recovery steam generation (HRSG), steam turbines and cogeneration facilities.



When you absolutely can't risk a valve failure or an expensive shut-down you can rely on Big Taps experience in selecting the right solution to protect people, critical plant and the environment.

Whether it is a Concentrator, Filter Press, Floatation Cell or Roaster / Autoclave application Big Taps can offer intelligent solutions and advice for the most arduous applications.




Big Taps has many years experience in reducing maintenance and downtime in the pulp & paper industry where difficult applications involving corrosion and erosion can cause valves to fail regularly.

Based on our valve knowledge in the pulp & paper industry Big Taps can offer provern solutions and advice for High Pressure Cogeneration, Pulping, Ozone or Chlorine Bleaching and Liquor (green, white & black) applications.



About us


Big Taps Valve Consultants only works with reputable manufacturers from Europe and Korea with full quality and environmental certification to ISO, CE, SIL API and Gost-R standards.  Our valves are designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME, ANSI, BS and API standards with full material traceability (including country of origin if required).

Big Taps Valve Consultants  - Technical, Responsible, Safe, Guaranteed